The Ultimate Essential Oils that Are Pet-Friendly

The Ultimate Essential Oils that Are Pet-Friendly

Those who know about their actual values would understand why specific medical and beauty care industries have replaced their chemical-based ingredients with essential oils. Since these essences are distilled from plants naturally, they pose no threat to your health. However, that only depends on the method of their application.

The same goes for your beloved dogs, cats, or any other pet you own. They are extremely sensitive to anything new, be it essential oils. Inhaling fragrances lead them to feel physically unwell. They can suffer from respiratory issues, skin reactions, allergies, and other consequences. Though if you use them for their benefit in the right way, it won’t bother them at all.

Before choosing the safest variety of fragrant for your pet, it is advised to consult a veterinarian. It is suggested to receive supplementary advice from a board-certified and reputed vet.

Now, let’s read about the essential oils that you can use on or near your pet.


German/Roman Chamomile

Specific variety, Matricaria chamomile/Chamaemelum Nobile, is often used for easing an upset stomach. It helps calm down the unrest of a puppy or kitten. Also, you can use it to soothe their body and mind during times of panic as well as hyperactivity/excitement. These little munchkins are often shy as well as experience fear, anger, and irritability. That’s when chamomile elevates their spirit, encourages restful sleep, tranquility, and a sense of well-being.

Clary Sage

Again, clary sage calms their mind and body when they feel restless, panicky, angry, nervous, or excited. Moreover, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of sage also stand beneficial for their skin-related conditions.

Marjoram (Sweet)

Marjoram is known for decreasing inflammation, digestive issues and elevating the spirit of the pets. One can diffuse the oil blend (particularly with a carrier oil) to scent the surrounding. Its sweet fragrance does a lot for a restless, hyperactive, agitated, and angry dog or cat. Besides eluding the negative feelings, it can support antifungal and antibacterial treatments.

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Frankincense Carterii

If you are looking forward to boosting calmness and fostering confidence in your pet, Frankincense Carterii shall be your best bet. Along with healing their physical health, this essential oil can liven up their mood instantly. Specifically, Boswellia carterii makes the right choice for pets as it is comparatively lighter for them.


Myrrh is effective in promoting alertness and calming the skin. Apart from that, it helps regulate emotions for a greater sense of balance in them. Needless to say, how important it is in soothing their body and mind when they feel panicky, nervous, shy, angry, etc.



Valeriana officinalis supports wound healing and restful sleep. It is a great way to enhance the digestive function of their stomach naturally. Many times, it has shown impeccable results in calming skin too. So, if you want to keep your pup or kitten energetic and away from any sort of negative force, use valerian essential oil.


Similar to humans, animals too can experience joint pains. And ginger plays a massive role in allaying that pain exceptionally. If you see the signs of inflammation, then leverage the calming properties of ginger oil to rid them of the discomfort. Lastly, it promotes easy breathing too.


Cedarwood Virginian

Juniperus virginiana or cedarwood Virginian discourages insects from approaching animals. This way, it protects your beloved pet from insect bites. Additionally, it stimulates circulation, reduces pain, cramping, and spasms, and supports the immune system. You can also benefit from this oil for skin-related conditions.

Despite the general safety assurance given about the aforementioned essential oils, you should be wary of the unique biological makeup of every animal. The impact of this product differs from species to species. Moreover, the quality of the oil does matter ultimately. Therefore, consider pure-grade Young Living essential oils that are reliable and trustworthy. After all, you don’t want your pet who can’t even speak out about its problem, suffer more.